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††††††† Up till now in 2013 Iíve experienced more than 25 personal sightings and encounters of UFOs, their crew and physical supernatural activity in the sky.I donít go looking for these craft and events, I donít need too because they come to me.

††††††† Appx. 50% of these sightings were independently witnessed, one by my mum, dad, brother and sister, the next being witnessed by more than 30 pupils and parents of the school I was a pupil of, and my sister being one of them witnesses too.On that occasion a metal saucer like craft hovering silently above the school field for more than 10 minutes.This was back in the late 70s, hence me having no video or photo evidence.

††††††† Separate to these sightings Iíve also encountered many alien visitations and abduction like scenarios, I say abduction like because they have my permission to do to me whatever they want too.All my alien visitations, abduction like scenarios, encounters and sightings are amazing, so I fear these alien people not at all.

††††††† There are 2 kinds visit me, the nice Ďgreysí and interstellar telepathic human aliens, they are on average giving me a good sighting of their craft once every 18 months, and it is they who devised the contents of this book, Iím just the author.It was always their intention for me to write this book so made sure I had lots to write about.

††††††They are telepathic and connect with me in those ways many times when I donít see their craft, and during sightings, theyíve told me after this book has been completed they will allow me to video and photo their craft interacting with me, so to back up these book claims with such evidences.

††††††† And my sightings and encounters with UFOs and their crew arenít the only Ďnot of the normalí activities I see in the sky near me, on many occasions Iíve watched military aircraft move into an area of sky within minutes of me seeing a UFO there.Governments know if they want to get close to UFOs they should keep their UFO chasing airspace operations close to me, but they are like most governments in being very easy to predict, and my aliens friends know full well how to keep their distance from them aggressive airspace operations around me.Whenever I see a UFO military aircraft are in that area of sky in less than 5 minutes!


††††††† Iíve even explained in this book how my UFO friends craft move faster than light and how its other technologies work.Theyíre like no other explanation Iíve read of or seen from within UFO writings and videos, so who ever these alien human friends are, what they know, use and do isnít known of within humanity from different sources, its all unique to humanity and a new found way to look at these subjects.

††††††† Theyíre truly amazing people, alien humans and a few different races of the greys, they are totally telepathic, deeply spiritual and truly amazing people in all that they are and do, and who have been visiting me since I was a very young child till now in 2013 when Iím 41.



††††††† The chapter below is a part chapter from that as of now in April 2013 an unfinished book.








††††††† This next experience was the most amazing sighting Iíd seen up till then in 2004, and what else this encounter amounted too was me learning how their craft travel faster than light.


††††††† It was a late evening in 2004, myself being 32, it being a night time dark sky of the summer months, there was only a little wind and large groups of clouds with larger sections of clear sky separating them.

††††††† By appx. 10 minutes I'd missed the last bus home from Bury to Bolton so had began walking at roughly 11.40 pm.Its near to a 10 mile walk so by the time I got to the sighting area in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, it must have been somewhere near to 12.40.I'm unsure of the precise time because back then I didnít use mobile phones or wore a watch.

†††††† When seeing the craft I was walking up Outwood Road towards Ringley Road, walking/facing a southerly direction, and was more than three quarters of the way along the long straight road, thatís when noticing clouds moving to the east which were slowly uncovering the nearly full moon.I thought to myself, ďthat looks nice,Ē after watching for about 2 more seconds a sudden, bright flash of white light lit up the sky to my right and in front of myself, from the far right horizon to appx. a fifth of the way across the panoramic sky view.I looked over to it then saw a streak/beam of light extend out from the flash from its lowest point on its easterly edge, moving to the east horizontally and half way up in the sky, kind of like directly in front of myself.Well at first the beam looked like the white flash of light, then quickly changed appearance to a blue hexagonal like object which in less than a second faded out to a translucent mass of small particles before disappearing to nothing.At the far end of that was a disc shaped craft, a dark colour and which appeared to be slowing down in speed.Almost as soon as the beam of light disappeared for about 0.2 of a second it was covered in the heat/flames seen when a craft enters earths atmosphere.It looked slightly different to how mans spacecraft radiate with heat when entering earths atmosphere though, different in radiating outwards from the circular craft in an even and equal manner.In a way similar to how light radiates out equally, therefore there must have been no wind resistance hitting the craft.

††††††† It continued slowing its speed then when the flames/heat disappeared it turned right and up into cloud cover.The time it took from the flash of light to when it entered the clouds was a little more than 2 or 3 seconds.The distance and time the craft itself took to travel through the sky was about a two third portion of sky in less than 2 seconds or thereabouts.

††††††† I looked across at the driver of a car who was to my left side and she too was looking into the sky with a big smile on her face.

††††††† The clouds it hid in were directly above the nearby city of Manchester, both and the moon were directly in front of the direction I was walking too.Continuing walking up the road near to 30 or 40 seconds later a large jet could be seen diving out of high altitude.†† It was becoming visible quite slowly due to the darkened sky, I first seeing its 2 bright lights, then next seeing the rest of the plane become visible as it got closer to the ground and myself.It must have been at a high altitude with its lights off, then when diving the pilot turning on the lights under its wings.When at a similar altitude the UFO had been flying it slowly levelled out then followed the same route into clouds.

†† †††††I found a place to stand away from the road so I didnít look suspicious, due to it being between 12 and 1 in the morning, then waited to see what else would occur.I could hear the large jet but couldnít see it, the disc craft was totally silent throughout the sighting.About one minute after the large jet entered the clouds it exited them from the other side, then turned right and followed a circular route whilst lowering its altitude, then re-entered the clouds near to where it first entered them, only this time at a lower altitude.It continued with this corkscrewing down, in and out through the clouds for about 20 or 30 minutes, until a dark coloured, unmarked, small to medium sized streamlined helicopter arrived to take over the search.

††††††† The jet looked like a medium sized passenger airliner but being a dark coloured, unmarked and without side windows.Or may be the dark sky was preventing me from seeing any markings, but it was a fairly well lit up night sky due to the near full moon which was by now totally out of cloud cover.

††††††† The helicopter flew easterly under the clouds till I could no longer see it, whilst the military jet flew directly towards myself and then turned away when very near to myself, by which time I was stood in a field away from the road.For sure something caught their attention near to me, or may be it was me due to being stood alone in a field at this early hour time whilst watching all that was occurring.


††††††† Surely the disc like craft was braking speed from above light speed before entering earths atmosphere, then hid in clouds due to the crew of knowing the military would be on their trail almost immediately.The disc crew for sure appeared about 2 to 4 seconds after I thought about the moon and clouds looking nice, because well their craft capabilities looked more amazing, so it seemed like the best time for them to appear.It was by far the most amazing sighting id seen up till now in 2013, and all my sightings are amazing.

††††††† Then the pilot skills and manoeuvres of his large jet were pretty impressive too, but his electronic equipment couldnít find the craft.Them corkscrewing the plane down, in and out of the clouds looked like they were using radar equipment to scan all around and in them clouds, or may be they were circling something their equipment did detect.The size of the cork screwing circular path must have been close to being a 2 mile diameter.

††††††† Their attempts to track and follow it looked pathetic, I wonder at why do they even bother when these craft can travel faster than light, it entered earths atmosphere in less than half a second and turned near to 90 degrees in less than half a second, and whilst travelling more than 2000 MPH.

††††††† Military and government aircraft are by a long way outclassed in every way, they havenít got any chances of keeping up with them.UK military they must be hoping to get lucky and these craft either break or crash, that is if their fighter jets canít get near them.I have seen a brand new Euro Fighter jet patrolling the sky near me, so UK military are definitely trying to get a shot at something near me.They donít train their fighter jet pilots over heavily populated areas and they donít test new planes in them areas either, so for sure it was on mission.


††††††† The UK government havenít ever shared with the public all their UFO finds, evidences and witness statements from their operatives whoíve seen these craft, itself being one of the main reasons why sceptics donít believe.If governments tell us everything theyíve learnt and show us all their evidences every person would believe in UFOs.More mind control of the masses occurring because they know it be best to keep quiet about, because they are trying to steal these UFO technologies with their military combat aircraft.

††††††† Its way over obvious to all believers of UFOs that our governments would do almost anything to acquire UFO technologies, and its also obvious they would mainly use them within militaries.

††††††† Plus governments know how UFO crew are very anti earth governments, so they would never want to bring this to the attention of the public either.UFO crew flout airspace laws by flying wherever and whenever they want too, whilst at the same time staying out of target range of military aircraft, they are only protecting their own lives when visiting earth in these ways of keeping their distance from our militaries and governments, but governments hate these people who break their daft, victimless crimes whilst having better technology than themselves.

††††††† If UFO crew were to stick to airspace laws this is what would have to occur.They would have to radio contact the nearest airport, identify themselves and request permission to land.Then they would have their craft confiscated by the legal system because of it not being a registered aircraft, because of it being an unknown aircraft and because the pilots arenít licensed to fly.Then they would be arrested and held indefinitely, because there is no way theyíd tell governments how to take them back home to their home planet.If they did that governments would have UFO technology to use in the military, and to take their paper authority wherever in space it can.

††††††† Its way over obvious to most believers that governments want UFO technology as a military vehicle, there is no way any UFO crew will be a part of allowing that to occur, so they do their own thing wherever and whenever they want too, whilst the military try their best to get close and totally fail.

†† †††††Above light speed they had to have been slowing down from, no other explanation can explain the flash and streak of fading light.

††††††† Iíve only heard of one plausible explanation how any craft or object could travel above light speed and that explanation entered my thoughts after trying to work it out for myself.


††††††† My UFO using contacts are telepathic with all life, they react to my thoughts and emotions, and certain life circumstances, on occasions they via telepathy make me look into areas of sky then immediately after I see their craft.They connect with me in telepathic ways lots, so when trying to work out how their craft travel faster than light they connected with me in telepathic ways and told me such via their own thoughts being heard as my own.It is also due to telepathy how they knew to show me their craft at that precise moment, they know everything of me at the same time I know it, due to their telepathic abilities also working with senses.They see pictures in their mind of what I see with my eyes.And they also knew I had just thought about the moon and clouds looking nice, and also knew beforehand that Iíd be walking up that road at roughly that time.

††††††† They claimed to me that their UFO propulsion system technology moves the craft faster than light by almost instantly creating an object the length of the journey they are to travel, it appears at the back of the craft and multiplies in length so propels it forward almost instantly.There are no G forces involved because everything on and in the craft is balanced gravitationally, the craft is also weightless and absorbs wind resistance and debris in its path.They create massive objects from seemingly nothing then they can also do the same but in reverse formula, where they can disintegrate objects to almost nothing.Firstly the craft generates a kind of atoms at the rear of itself which in turn create solid matter in a tubular spiral like pattern, the atoms duplicate themselves at alarming rates thus the solid matter grows in length at alarming rates, and thus pushes the craft forward.

††††††† The pattern on the next page is Fibonacci spiral, sometimes being referred to as the golden ratio, it is well known of and can be found within many of the natural worlds growth patterns.It is almost identical to the growth pattern which the atoms and solid matter use, the propulsion system being a bit different in being a hexagonal tubular spiral.The solid matter tube continues to increase in growth acceleration till being put into auto disintegration mode, so the tube dissipates before they reach the destination.



††††††† For slower speed manoeuvrability the outside surface area of the craft is magnetically interacting with a magnetic energy like vortex that surrounds the craft, and with the craft being weightless and a technology absorbing wind resistance the slightest movement one way can send it to thousands of miles per hour.

††††††† They can also disintegrate to almost nothing debris in the path of the craft.


††††††† If the craft had only entered earthís atmosphere (without braking from above light speed) the only light to be seen would have been when it was engulfed in fire/heat, in the picture on the next page is depicted as the section in-between two vertical lines, I think also them lines should be spaced away from each other a bit more than they are.Most of the sky to the right of where the camera didnít capture an image was lit up with the flash of bright white light.The curved line depicting the craft turning into cloud cover.Iím sorry for my lack of artistic skills and the blurry photo, the photo was taken with a night vision camera, the moon was superimposed from another picture and the graphics are from a very limited paint program.The streak of light first appeared as bright white light, then faded to a hexagonal translucent blue before disappearing totally.

††††††† Even if I did have a camera ready at the moment it appeared not much would have been seen on them images, it would have had to have been a better camera than television crews use for the images to be worth showing people, which I cant afford to buy or rent.




††††††† Every person who saw this event would have been sure it had slowed down from above light speed before hitting earths atmosphere.


††††††† The helicopter was a nimble looking streamlined model, without skids so must have had retractable wheels, had large side windows, black painted, no identification markings, a small size and quieter than usual helicopters we see.It looked like an up to date very costly piece of equipment, but in comparison to a UFO a hunk of junk, so you can easily imagine governments will try virtually anything to acquire UFO technology for use within militaries.

††††††† Checking the Internet for helicopter photos I found it was probably an Agusta A109, the UKís Royal Air Force do use these.


††††††† If you donít believe in UFOs that isnít youíre fault, its governments who are hiding their finds who are to blame.


††††††† Before this book was completed when spending time in an online UFO forum (UFO magazine) I stumbled upon a topic which detailed an author from my county who was writing a UFO compilation book.I sent him details of this sighting and he did put it into his book, Iím explaining this now just in case people who have read that book see this chapter of writing and start to wrongly suspect the story is from 2 different sources.He may have added this book Iím writing is called Identified Flying Objects! I changed the name of this book so itís easier to find for people checking book listings in online book selling sites, his name and his book is Pat Reganís UFO: The Search For Truth.


††††††† If you want to learn more about these subjects check the History Channels Ancient Aliens series, it can be found in Youtube, UFO Hunters also have some good videos in there too.My only disagreement with the Ancient Aliens series is that they associate too much with UFOs but still those particulars are well worth learning of.



††††††† The UK government must have lots of people, equipment and aircraft monitoring the sky around me, since the early to mid 90s till now in 2013 Iíve seen them patrolling with a Euro Fighter jet, pairs of large military jets, small light aircraft, medium sized spotter planes, a ground spotter plane and military helicopters.I also used to see an abnormal amount of satellites in clear night time sky conditions which surely was no coincidence too.Theyíre spending tens of millions of pounds each year on UFO hunting and chasing, classified as RAF (Royal Air Force) costs, whilst at the same time theyíre refusing to release into the public domain all their finds and evidences of UFOs, and have also been telling the public that they do not believe intelligent unknown origin people in UFOs enter into earths airspace.But who would ever expect any less of them, they are always in the news for being how we donít want them to be, because they donít go into politics to help us, they go there to help themselves, well most of them do anyhow.


†††† †††We will one day and beyond have these UFO technologies for our own use, but not whilst corruption, deception, industry and cover ups rule our governments.




††††††† The UFO book will be released sometime in or after 2013.